Past Projects


Past Projects (CDs)

For years now there seems to be a theme running through the album titles, have a listen and see who’s guilty or not?



A band who toured Scotland, playing various cover tunes from Robert Johnson, Bonnie Raitt and then New Orleans classic brought back by drummer, Brendan Cameron. The band also featured Jimmy Johnstone (yep, there is two) on bass, Robert Jones on guitar, the late Sandy Brown on keyboards and Deke McGee on sax. Here is our version of the Ida Cox song, Wild Women Don’t Get The Blues.


Wild Women Don't Get The Blues - Ida Cox Cover [Excerpt]

Not Guilty

This was a calmer, slightly more acoustic-based group of songs, featuring one by Canadian Susanna Ungerleider and the more global, Prince. The line-up featured Miles O’Neill on bass, Robert Jones on guitar with a little harmonica from poet Gerry Cambridge and flute by Joe Muirhead. Track here is from original song, Down on Me, written by Colin Campbell.



Down On Me [Excerpt]

Solitary Refinement

This album represented a big turning point and move towards some more experimental guitar work by the celebrated Elmo MacDonald and more unusual lyrics and vocal turns by Linda. Some spectacular drum work here by Jack Casey and beautiful fiddle by Matt Harvey. Collaborating with Rab McCahill and Elmo gave some unusual and sensitive results. The song here is At the Bar (Jaxson, McCahill)


This album was a return and push into contemporary rock with collaboration with guitarist, Robert Jones and drummer, Chris Campbell. All songs were co-written and one was borrowed from the man of blues, Eric Bibb. The song here is Down South (Jones, Jaxson).



Down South [Excerpt]

Cover Lover

An album of songs that I have always wanted to record. From Etta James to Led Zeppelin, this covers a broad reach. This CD raised a substantial amount of money for Mary’s Meals and, from what is said, is a stock travelling companion for those road trips. Drums featured are by Chris Campbell and there is some wild and electrifying guitar solos by Pockets and Paul Ross as well as a sensitive acoustic of Nicky McKeown. Jack Webb on keys, Gordon Simpson on saxophone and Jimmy on bass. Song here features the band, Take Me to the River.


Take Me To The River [Excerpt]