Indigo Cell

was an acoustic trio taking the music back to the old blues style. The band worked on one project: Exchanges, using some of the old Scots ballads and taking them down and into the blues. Indigo Cell features the brilliant cello playing of Calum Ingram and guitar-man, Graham McKintosh.

Linda Jaxson Band

4 or 5 piece straight no nonsense blues band featuring songs by Bonnie Raitt as well as some classic standard blues tunes. Hear Cover Lover CD

Linda Jaxson Blues Project

was a six-piece band which rocks up the blues and has audiences on their feet and just letting loose. Featured a lot of guitar licks |{Paul Ross and John McLarty) and some great saxophone, this band know how to build the night up in a real crescendo of blues to rock. Bass player, Jimmy Johnson also adds some soulful vocals.

Not Proven

is a band that comes out as six-piece blues/funk set up and features some of Scotland’s finest musicians. The band got audiences really in the groove at Montrose Music festival last year so look out for this illusive combination: Alan Thomson on bass, Morph on Guitar, Jim Drummond on drums, Jack Webb on keys and Gordon Dickson on sax. If you get the chance to see them, take it.

Not Proven Trio #1

has that little bit of spiced jazz added to them blues. The Trio comes out in various guises, depending on the gig. Blues trio is Jack Webb on Keys and Gordon Simpson on sax. World/jazz trio is Morph on guitar and Alan Thomson on bass. There are some original songs in the making here together with some new takes on Joni Mitchell, Dusty and Patsy Cline.


The River Sisters

3 to 5 women singers who join in harmony but who also lead on various Gospel and soul songs. This is power at its best.

Vocal Tuition

Linda does individual singing tuition in a recording studio where after going through breathing techniques, vocal chord strengthening exercises, there is a move to ‘style’ depending on the genre of choice. By using the studio, participants get the chance to perfect mic use and hear themselves working through to that ‘result’.